When I started working with Noel, I wanted to find out why I felt low-energy and fatigued all the time. I had been trying so hard to have a positive mindset and be productive but no matter what I changed in my lifestyle I still felt overall...bad. My western doctor had run my blood work and told me everything was fine. I was considering going to the grocery store to buy supplements but had no idea what I needed, so I called Noel. Noel ran detailed blood work tests and was extremely knowledgeable about the results and reviewed them with me in detail. She discovered several factors and deficiencies at the root of my issues. With an integrative solution including supplements, hormones, healing acupuncture, and nutrition, Noel has helped me feel 100x better, and I make better choices now that I have more information. I have realized that no matter what you do to adjust your lifestyle and feel better, it won’t help until you give your body what it really needs. Noel is highly skilled, so passionate about her work, and very healing and lovely to be around. I highly recommend her programs, you will feel like a new person. Thank you Noel!
— CJ

Three people came up to me asking what I am doing to look so good!
— AP

My son referred me to Love Acupuncture because I was experiencing unexplained nausea and pain from a severe reaction to antibiotics and recovery from neck fusion surgery.
Love Acupuncture helped me through a difficult time by using acupuncture to relax and release tension and pain from my body. Cupping was also used to improve circulation and relax very tense muscles in my neck and back. Chinese herbs were also helpful for good sleep, relaxation, anxiety and stress.
I am starting to feel like I’m getting my body and health back and without their help I would not be where I am today.
One thing I liked was their wanting to heal me, to get to the root of the problem and fix it. They wanted to understand my overall health issues and challenges by taking the time to discuss them all. Most importantly, they recommend ways to maintain good health for life.
I found the experience to be one of the best decisions I’ve made regarding my health.
I would recommend Love Acupuncture to people who not only have pain or stress but who may want to improve and maintain their overall health.

I would like to recommend Noël Love and Love Acupuncture!
— DR

I have been a patient of Noel’s since 2011, typically to treat acute, sports-related issues. What I appreciate most about Noel as a practitioner is that she combines both Western and Eastern perspectives in her evaluations and treatment recommendations.

Last year I visited Noel because I was experiencing more than normal fatigue and unpleasant gastrointestinal issues. One of Noel’s suggestions was that I get my blood tested for micro-nutrient levels, and then she would help me interpret the results. The test results showed that I was deficient in both B-12 and calcium, likely due to long-term use of a PPI, which was never mentioned by my PCP or gastroenterologist as a possible consequence. To my surprise, the results also showed that I have borderline fructose sensitivity.

Noel recommended some B-12 and calcium supplement brands that she knows to be high-quality, as well a FODMAP elimination diet. Six months later, I feel more energetic and know what foods and quantities require me to stay close to a bathroom!
— CB

I’m in my mid-40s and have been feeling tired, low on energy and more easily irritated by small things for the last few years. As an active person, I was also starting to notice that it would take me a lot longer to recover from workouts than it ever had. Noel ran my blood work and discovered several deficiencies, including the genetic mutation MTHFR. She set me up with the right supplements and got me on bioidentical hormone therapy and I’ve been feeling 10 years younger, with more energy, better sleep and a noticeable improvement in my overall fitness.
— SK